Vitalograph Pneumotrac

PC based Lung Function Test Machine

Category Name: PC Based Spirometer

  • Model No: 6800
  • Size: 164mm x 163mm x 167mm
  • Weight: 0.58 Kg
  • Operating Temperature Range:17 - 37°C
  • Design Limits 10 - 40°C
  • Power Supply:From USB 2 port, 9V battery for hygiene fan
  • Flow Detection Principle: Fleisch type pneumotachograph
  • Volume Detection: Flow integration sampling @ 100Hz
  • Accuracy when in Operating Range: Volumes: Better than ± 3% (Max 8L / Min 0.05L)
  • Flows: Better than ± 5% (Max 16L/s / Min 0.02L/s)
  • Linearity: ± 1% in range 0.1 L/s to 16 L/s
  • Max Test Duration: 20s FVC; 30s VC
  • Environmental Data:Selectable temperature (built in sensor),barometric pressure, altitude & humidity

Built-in Hygienic drying fan on the unit to prevent microorganism survival inside the Flowmeter.

Predicted Values Selectable:ERS/ECCS, NHANES, Polgar, Pereira, Berglund,Forsche, Gutierrez, Hedenström, Taiwan,Knudson, Crapo, Hsu, KNLW, Viljanen, SEPAR,Gulsvik, SBPT, Tamura, Ip, Quanjer, Wang,Dockery and more Performance

Standards:ISO 26782:2009, ISO 23747:2007, ATS/ERS 2005

Safety Standards: IEC 60601-1:2005

Medical Safety Standard: Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC 1993 (as amended)

Designed and Manufactured Under: ISO 13485:2003, CMDR

Windows 10 compatible PC Software supplied along with the equipment. Tests exportable and importable in XML format. Network compatible with any LAN running under MS Windows

Download Brochure/User Manual

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