Vitalograph Peak Flow Meter AsmaPLAN & AsmaPLAN+

The simple, accurate way to monitor asthma

The patented dual colour sliders on the asmaPLAN+ define the management colour zones set by the healthcare professional for the asthmatic to follow.

100% is the asthmatic's best. The yellow zone will typically be set to start at 80% of the asthmatic's best while the red zone will typically start at 60%. Variability of PEFR of greater than 20% should alert the asthmatic to a possible asthma attack.

  • Accurate, compact, lightweight and portable
  • Robust and hardwearing
  • Features comfortable integral mouthpiece
  • Conforms to all peak flow standards including ISO23747:2007
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Suitable for multi-subject use with SafeTway mouthpiece

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